Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we recieve from our customers and the answers to those questions.

Are the prices you quote the total cost or are there extra charges to be added?

  • The prices quoted are the total that you pay for the four stage carpet clean. The only extra charges invoved are for the congestion charge or parking fees if applicable.

What days and hours do you provide your service?

  • We operate from Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm (last booking for the day will be around 4pm depending on the size of the cleaning job required)

What do i need to do in preperation for the carpet clean?

  • Prior to our visit please remove any small items from the floor and clear as much of the area as possible. Larger items such as sofas and beds can be moved to the side by our operators and then returned when the area has been cleaned. It would be helpful but not essential to vacum before our arrival.

How long after the cleaning before i can walk on the carpets?

  • The carpets will take on average 2-3 hours to dry depending on the thickness of the carpet pile. If possible, keep off the carpets until they dry but if needed walking on the carpets when still damp will not effect the clean.

How can i pay you for the cleaning?

  • We accept Bacs transfere in advance of the cleaning appointment or cash collected by the operator at the end of the cleaning. Unfortunately we no longer accept cheques as a form of payment.

How soon can you provide an appointment for the carpet cleaning?

  • This will be dependent on current booking but in general we can provide a slot for you within 2-3 days.