+Carpet Cleaning Process

Four Stage Carpet Cleaning Process

All carpets go through the following four stage cleaning procedure to ensure the very best cleaning results possible.

Pre-spray of the carpet

Pre-spray of the carpetThe first stage of the cleaning process if to pre-spray the carpet area with ‘traffic clean’. This product will begin to dissolve and breakdown all of the dirt and grease build up in preperation for the Hot Water Extraction. This principle is similar to soaking your oven trays and pans before cleaning.




Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water ExtractionAfter the carpets have been pre-sprayed and the grease and grime have been dissolved and softened then the Hot Water Extraction process will begin. Boiling water with double clean cleaning solution are jetted into the carpet and high pressure and then are extracted out into a holding waste tank. Accepted by carpet cleaning manufacturers as the most effective cleaning method for carpets this system will achieve the best possible results.

Stain Removal

Stain RemovalAny marks or stains that are still present after the first two procedures then a specialist stain remover will be applied depending on the type of stain. After application and agitation of the removal product then the stain along with the removal product is extracted out removing the stain and the product residue. Please note, by definition some stains may be permenant or an area of carpet may have permenant discolouration. There are a number of factors that will determin the likelihood of a stain being removed. These include the carpets natural resistance to stains, the type of substance that caused the stain and the length of time the stain has remained in the carpet.


Carpet Deodouriser and Freshener

Carpet Deodouriser and FreshenerFinally the carpet are sprayed with a deodouriser to neutralise any outstanding odours and leave your carpet both squeaky clean and smelling fresh.